Bitcoin Mobile App for Trading - CEX.IO

Margin trading on CEX.IO with USD & Bitcoin / Ethereum

I've recently fond a crypto currency exchange located in the UK (London) called CEX.IO, you can fund your account with your credit card, by bank transfer and crypto.
The crypto currencies that are traded are Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus you can trade hashing power contracts from a mining pool. The fiat currencies available are USD, EUR, GBP and RUB.
There is also the possibility to margin trade with cyptos and fiat currency pairs (a.t.m. margin trading with Russian Rouble is not active). Margin trading gives you the possibility to borrow assets(coins) from the exchange, thus opening a position with a bigger investment that what you own(margin) in your account balance. The two leverage options are 1:2 and 1:3 thus giving you the possibility to borrow 2 or 3 times more than your invested margin.
A great feature of margin trading is that you can also make a profit by shorting a position, thus if a short trade goes down in value you earn money, on the other side if the short trade goes up you loose your money.
Margin calls in CEX.IO will cancel your trade, thus preventing negative balance accounts.