Bitkong Review – A fun and addictive bitcoin game!

Bitkong is a bitcoin gambling game which is very easy to play. The site was established in 2015 and it has thousands of active players.
You can start playing immediately after landing to the home page without needing to sign up. Of course, if you sign up through Facebook you will have more benefits for playing the game. Since you can play anonymously you can play from every country in the world.
The unit for betting is called bit (1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits). You can deposit bitcoin to play the game or you can start for free by earning some bits through the faucet option. Minimum deposit amount is 1,000.00 bits. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2,000.00 bits.

How to play Bitkong

You can see a board with rows and cells. Every row on the board is a step of the game. (Default game has 10 steps).  Every cell in the row is hiding a winning or losing result.
There are 3 levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Difficult).
  • With easy mode, you have 3 cells in the row: 2 winnings, 1 losing.
  • With medium mode, you have 2 cells in the row: 1 winning, 1 losing.
  • With hard mode, you have 3 cells in the row: 1 winning, 2 losings.
After choosing the level you can select bet size or input custom amount.
Click “+” to increase or “-“ to decrease the bet size or input the amount manually. If you click “MAX” you bet all bits you have on account  If you click “MIN” you set a minimum possible bet (1 bit).
Finally, choose one of the cells in the first row which you think is winning cell. You can continue guessing upper rows with same logic to win much more or click “TAKE” and take your winnings.

Bitkong Faucet and promotions

At Bitkong you do not have to deposit to start playing. You can earn some bits by claiming in the faucet instead. The amount of bits collected depends on your balance, your experience, and the time of day. You can earn the following amounts:
  • 5 bits claimed every 20 minutes if you have less than 1 bit in your account (up to 500 free claims).
  • If you reach “Hero” level you can claim to 2.00 ƀits every 5 minutes.
  • Random ‘funky hours’ where you get bonus bits from your claims,
  • ‘Happy weekends’ (Friday through Sunday) where you can get 4 bits Every 10 Minutes.
The most loyal players are rewarded with extra bonuses. There are daily, weekly and monthly bonuses. Those are shown in the image below.
**Note that in order to get bonuses you need to be signed up with Facebook. Anonymous accounts not eligible for bonuses.
Finally, the site offers an annually 8% interest rate if you deposit more than 10000 bits.

Bitkong affiliates

BitKong rewards users for sharing affiliate links and attracting users to the website. User can see the number of referrals and total commission received for them at user’s affiliate dashboard.
Members are earning 25% of the house edge from every bit wagered from the referrals (winning or losing).


You should always be aware that this is a gambling product and should be treated accordingly. You should never play with money that you cannot afford to lose.
Other than that, Bitkong is a fan and addictive bitcoin game. And the best part is that you can start playing for free through the faucet option.
I hope that you have enjoyed my review on Bitkong. If so feel free to share it or leave a comment below.