adBTC Review – Profitable and easy way to earn bitcoins!

AdBTC is a site where you are getting paid in bitcoins for viewing ads. It has been online since 2016 and has been evolved into the bets BTC sites available. Members from any country are welcomed to join for free as long as they are 18 years old or above.
All payments are made via Bitcoin. You may request for payment once you have reached 20000 satoshis in your account balance. 

How to earn bitcoins from adBTC

  • Surf ads
When press start a new window will open. You don’t have to be active on the page for the count to start but you have to leave the window open to get your satoshis.
  • Surf ads in an active window
After you click on the link a new page will be opened and the timer will start. You must view the ad until the timer stops to receive the satoshis.
  • Autosurfing
View ads back to back and earn satoshis. You can repeat that process many times a day.
  • Referrals
Invite others to join the site and earn 10% from their surfing earnings and 5% from their advertising purchases. You can have unlimited referrals.
If you wish you can buy referrals to increase your earnings from the referral market. Those referrals will be yours for life.

Advertise on adBTC

At adBTC, you can advertise your referral link or site at very cheap rates. As with viewing ads, there are three ways to advertise. In order to advertise, you can use your balance or deposit money through Payeer or bitcoins.
  • Surfing ad
Price starts at 12 satoshis per click with 15 seconds minimum duration visit.
  • Surf in an active window
Price starts at 20 satoshis per click with 10 seconds minimum duration visit.
  • Autosurfing
Price starts at 6 satoshis per click with 15 seconds minimum duration visit.
Rating system
AdBTC has a rating system where all members are getting point for their activity as shown in the image below.
Advertisers can filter the visitors based on rating. For example, you can display your ad only to users with rating 1 or higher.  Also, advertisers with rating higher than 100 are getting a discount.

AdBTC pros and cons

The biggest advantage of adBTC is that you can view unlimited ads every day. That increases the earning potential a lot especially for members who cannot refer others to the site. There are members who earn thousand of satoshis each day only from clicking on ads.
The site offers unlimited referral earnings which is also a great advantage. There are no any expensive upgrades and you are not forced to click any ads to earn from your referrals as with other PTC sites.
The only disadvantage that I can find is the high minimum payout of 30000 satoshis. Of course, if you are very active you can cover that in a few days.

Conclusion – Should I join adBTC?

AdBTC is one of the best BTC sites available. The earning potential is big and everyone can start earning satoshis with a little effort every day. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you join adBTC and start earning bitcoins today!