These 4 Cars Were Named the Best In the World This Year

Every year around Easter, the New York International Auto Show sweeps into Manhattan — and with it come the annual World Car Awards. The WCA jury is made up of over 80 automotive journalists and industry professionals from more two dozen countries, who come together to decide the absolute best cars across six different categories.

The Best Sci Fi Movies of 2019 (So Far)

The thing about science fiction is that even though it tends to be about a high-concept setup, it’s usually about something more fundamental. That makes it the perfect genre for our times, and in 2019, we’ve so far gotten a lot of sci-fi movies that explore what it means to be a person—especially a person living in chaos. There’s an android striving to understand her past, a monster trying to be heard, and a band of criminals struggling to hold onto their humanity in deep space.
Below are the best sci-fi movies of 2019. We’ll update as more of them come out.

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