Coinbase Earn – BEST –

Coinbase – BEST –
Payout: Direct
Withdrawal: 3 USD value of Crypto or more, Manual
Features: Coinbase Earn lets you earn cryptocurrencies while learning about them in a simple and engaging way. Discover how specific cryptocurrencies work — and get a bit of each currency to try out for yourself. Currently you can Earn $3 ZEC, $10 BAT, $3 ZRX and up to $50 worth of Stellar Lumens (XLM). Watch videos. Complete a quiz. Earn. You must have a Coinbase account!.
Paying: YES
SPECIAL: you need this for payouts!
Period: n/a
Payout: Direct
Withdrawal: 100,000 or more, Manual
Features: Here you can get your direct payouts, convert to US Dollars and transfer back to your Bank Account! Also you can buy Bitcoins and crypto directly with Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer. You can sign up now and get $10 of FREE Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of digital currency.
Paying: YES
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Donations are most welcome in case you would like to support my work

Donations are most welcome in case you would like to support my work: 

Bitcoin: 1CzXBeqCCiMzN7NscHnQm1ArE9FCKtvrsC
Litecoin: Lg6AT57ZERAAYcpGZrTL2GybA5CtNPX9ZP
Ripple: rnMCfd99pwRE8u4LxE43Z1pDzock2kXbLQ (destination tag: 361020451)
Bitcoin Cash: qznmqh26eh5f8x3vhhcgp8hfdtqc3yheeuvnfw42kd
Dash: XcDWVwKYvmVCqYzbvxXDeYwtsnCcFj6H9p
Etherium: 0x420bbb2d3ff704ffed823a845614e5ab46de5abc

Bitcoin: 1Mi7dmrT9AdcMi8C4Cd4hUhHkyTipNYYKq

Bitcoin Cash: qr9g0ltq29uxsuytlxgggse9cmzlrgtjngp22pw9u2

Ethereum: 0xFf1fcD1Cb78441F6d28cA328316F2d5a9FE5745E

Ethereum Classic: 0xE2763F6dbb3d4A08180BcC3A0bbF67026F977D90

Litecoin: MCbiYniX6wRJf1MTcpxanHrK3W9mXph3Y1

0x(ZRX): 0xc0D4AbD012aCb9255564398Bda852FE28f748fE3

Basic Attention Token(BAT): 0x462fdc5FAcF4A1A1c4B75E076153338568B065ed

USD Coin: 0x2039FF7a2E489011e001A152Fbd7117d88f7eFeF

Zcash: t1exDGLyQbMMsCJEfW3SmzYFWCntB9DHg11

Dai(DAI): 0x2b59aAD706E54d85c201F46ca32c11C2e41e9dF4


Payeer.com : P78479390



Thank you and Happy Earnings!