Jason Momoa’s New Photos For A Magazine Are So Good They Got 1.2 Million Likes In Less Than 24 Hours

Actor, local Khal, and athletic Aquaman Jason Momoa is making headlines all over the world, but this time it’s not because of his underwater shenanigans or attempts to impress the Khaleesi. The actor recently gave an interview to Esquire magazine which caught the attention of many internet users because of the unusual and adorable pictures taken for it.

The reason why Momoa’s name is on many people’s lips? The mountain of muscles and actor who resembles a Greek god showed a different side to his life when he did a photo shoot holding a cat and eating peaches. It just goes to show that Momoa really is a bad boy with a heart of gold and truly is the King of the Wild Things, especially when you consider his love for animals.

Actor and muscleman Jason Momoa showed a different side to him in this amazing photo shoot

During the interview with Esquire, Momoa revealed that he is a real animal fanatic and a family man. He has two dogs at home. Both of them are an interesting mix: half malamute, half wolf. What’s more, the actor has two kids. And a donkey. You read that right. A donkey.