New Generation Game Project - Disney Infinity \ Games

 For the first time, the most famous characters in Disney and Disney / Pixar movies are brought together in the exciting new Disney Infinity game universe.

The Disney Infinity starter kit includes software, a portal, three-hero action figures, and a magic token. With their help, players can find themselves in worlds created based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie saga and the animated films The Incredibles and Monsters University, as well as take part in the adventures of their favorite characters.

In addition, players are waiting for endless opportunities for creativity in the "Box with toys." After activation through the portal, the “Toy Box” contains all the game elements that the player controls: characters, locations, vehicles and gadgets. Thanks to them, the user can create and change their own virtual world, based on their preferences.

Disney Infinity allows players to create unique adventure-filled stories using the full power of their imagination. Meeting in the multi-functional Toy Box, where original locations, mechanics and various settings are used, Disney and Disney / Pixar characters gain a new life and become participants in new adventures.

Players will have the opportunity to expand the universe of the game by purchasing magic Disney tokens and action figures. At the time of launch, more than 20 additional figures will appear in stores, opening new characters and additional locations.

Disney Infinity is available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. Recommended retail price for the starter kit - 2,999 p.