Cloud gaming: weak PCs are in the past \ Games, Technology

Millennial’s childhood dream number 57: play any video game without expensive upgrades to your old computer. Now it has become a reality - to play absolutely any blockbuster you need a computer in almost any configuration and a good stable Internet. The meaning of cloud gaming is quite simple: the game runs on a powerful remote server, and the picture is transmitted to the user's device, the game is also controlled remotely - the signal goes from the computer to the server.

Pioneers in cloud gaming can be called Playkey. The scheme is simple: first we select the tariff (1 hour of the game costs 80 rubles, we will give 1200 in 20 hours), the purchased time can be played back within 2 months from the date of purchase, then everything burns out. The platform has a large library of games, which, moreover, is synchronized with services such as Steam or Origin, that is, you can start the game with your progress. It is important that in addition to buying game time, the user will also have to pay once for the game if it is not in its own Steam library or any other service.
Another service, Loudplay, works on a similar technology, but the rates here are slightly different: we use local “loans” for using the service. During the game, 1 credit per minute is debited. We’ll give 60 rubles for 49 loans, 899 rubles for 1,100 loans. There are discounts and cashback, which increases depending on the volume of purchased loans. To start the service, you need to install a launcher.
Playincloud - the service is interesting in that it is non-profit, and all the money received from the user goes to maintaining servers and buying new games. There is no subscription model: the user selects one of the three servers with games, and transfers the money according to the details of the administrator.