64-Year-Old Mom Says She Often Gets Mistaken For Being Her Daughter’s Sister

One mom named Angela Paul says she often gets mistaken for her daughter’s sister thanks to her incredibly youthful looks. Her daughter is just 34 years old. Angela was born in Bradford, England, but now lives in California. She continues to insist that she’s never had any plastic surgery and instead credits living a healthy lifestyle in addition to genetics to look so young.

Angela says that when she was diagnosed with lupus when she was younger, she was motivated to live a healthier life. She claims that by enforcing meditation, exercising, and nutrition, it has changed her life. She has even managed to ease her symptoms of lupus without medication.

Does she look like she could be her daughter’s sister?

Angela says she is regularly approached by men that are half her age who want to date her. We can’t imagine how flattering that must be! She speaks to Fox News about looking so youthful in her mid-60s.
“There really is no big secret to aging gracefully at 64. Genetics help, but more than that lifestyle is a big predictor on how well one ages. For me, aging well has been a lifelong undertaking. I started practicing self-care when I was a young model through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and mindset,” she says.
Angela continues, “My mom had beautiful skin and thick hair which runs in the family, so I had good genetics early on. Growing up in England with a lot of rain I didn’t have much exposure to sun which was a blessing really.”
She reveals that she never smoked or drank much when she was in her teens and twenties. She was also big on getting adequate sleep each night and not staying up too late. The 64-year-old also says that as a model, she already knew about the best benefits of skincare, ensuring too not get too much sun, and use the most effective beauty products.

She credits an organic diet, healthy lifestyle, and great genes

“I love to exercise so that’s been an integral part of my self-care, but I do believe my journey to healthy aging has been significantly enhanced by my long-time meditation practice,” she reveals. Angela also says she tries to eat as organically as possible, revealing that she has not consumed poultry or meat in 38 years.
She acknowledges that while this lifestyle may not work for everyone or some may see it as “extreme,” it’s something that works for her. Angela says that this lifestyle makes her feel “radiantly alive, youthful, and sexy.”