How Mining Works
Mining uses your CPU's power to generate hashes and converts them into spins. This means that you are mining for spins and not any actual cryptocurrency. You will automatically get 1 spin per every 2500 hashes generated.
Click START MINING and leave this page open for as long as possible. We will be automatically checking for your generated hashes every minute and adding earned spins (watch the "spins earned (current session)" at the top right).
You can leave this page open in a separate tab and continue spinning, inviting users or completing offers while the miner is working. After 24 hours of continuous working you might have to click "start" again.
You do not lose any hashes if you close this page. We keep their number stored in background so you can continue mining any time you want.
We recommend using our miner on desktop computers. Adjust threads number and speed according to your hardware. For example, 50% speed means that threads will stay idle 50% of the time and will leave resources for other programs on your computer to work normally.
Mining typically uses much more power than it generates return. This feature is still in Beta.
Mining for spins uses your CPU power. Please adjust the speed and threads according to your personal preferences. We recommend mining on desktop computers only. Spins number is updated every minute (see the progress bar above). You have to re-enable the miner every 24 hours.
Need help mining?
Now you can ask your friends to help mining! There is no need to log in! Simply share the following link and we will add spins to your account! You can mine on multiple devices at once!