What is Dash? Free Dash

Dash is a virtual cryptocurrency based on the same characteristics as Bitcoin, but somehow with strong security than other competitors. It is based on a blockchain network. Due to its growing statistics, this cryptocurrency became one of the largest in the world. You can transfer your Dash money anywhere.
                                  Free Dash

Low costs for transactions
Comparing other ways of transferring money, Dash retains lower fees than credit cards or banks. You will be charged minimal for transactions made anywhere in the world.
The creators of this enterprise designed an ingenious software called InstantX. This permits users to realize transactions immediately and get the confirmation notification in less that 4 seconds. Dash lets you know about all the updates and is fast and safe for your wallet.

Privacy Policy

Using the Dash cryptocurrency facilities, you are given the right for a private network. You will be anonymous for other business partners. Due to this characteristic, nobody will relate your account or users details with your Personal Information. This is one of the principles on which this coin’s construction is based.

About Masternodes

It seems to be the first cryptocurrency that added Masternodes servers to their network. The main advantages of this network are transactions made in real time, a stronger security and less time for delivering the same amount anywhere in the world. This advanced technology is called Two-Tier network. This means double power for Dash system.

No intermediates

You do not need any intermediate when transferring the money. Dash allows you to create an online wallet. You control everything, even the fees you are paying. If you don’t own Dash coins, you can buy them from their personal website or from those that provides such services. You can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum or other widely known cryptocurrencies on online marketplace whenever you prefer.

The advantages of Dash currency

  • The transactions have a low fee and in some cases they’re even free;
  • The transfer is private and safe due to Masternode network;
  • You have a special currency exchange and can check the balance payments in real time;
  • Its Company is the first one who created the Masternode network. This makes them be different than Bitcoin principles, for example;

The disadvantages of Dash currency

  • Unfortunately, there is no proof that Dash currency will keep growing, because of strong competitors and real time changing marketplace;
  • The currency has some problems with promoting. Its name isn’t far so unique. There is a product on Amazon, called ‘Dash’; also you will find on google’s first research a women boutique, named ‘Dash’;
  • From the Dash website statistics we can observe that the network has still less merchants who use Dash currency than strong competitors.


The user’s safety is the most important principle for Dash enterprise. You need to measure on a balance all the strong points and weaknesses to decide if it’s what you are looking for. For any official information and updates you should follow the official website of Dash.